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Last term we were visited by a Viking

Welcome to Year 5!

(Mrs Read)

This term we will be testing our Mapping Skills as our Geography Topic is to learn all about maps! Anything you can do at home involving maps would be useful! For exampl, if you go out for the day show the children where you are going on a map, get them to find the directions using a Maps App, find holiday destinations on a map of the UK or Europe or even the world if you're that lucky!!

In Sciene we are learning all about growing - how we change from being a baby to becoming a teenager and then into adulthood and eventually old age! Children need to bring a photo of themselves as a baby for our Guess the Baby competition!

P.E. is on Tuesdays and Wednesday.

Home work for this year focuses on reading at home, learning and practising all of the times tables so that we are fluent in them and completing the various homework projects we will be given throughout the year.




 Y5 Homework, to be done every night Monday to Friday!

Topmarks hit the button or other Maths games related to the basic skills (X Tables, Number Bonds, Money, Time and Fractions):  5minutes

 Spellings: 5 minutes

Reading: 5minutes


If you do this you will see progress very quickly!!!