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Attendance Champions

In ensuring that pupils have a say in how attendance should be managed in school we have selected through an application process a student council of attendance champions. These KS2 children will be act as classroom and school representatives for attendance and will play an active part in promotion of attendance across the school.

 Each week attendance champions will support Mrs Taylor in assembly in announcing results. Attendance champions will take part in special projects which will be visible to both children and parents. The first project to take place is a promotional video about what Grimes Dyke does to make sure attendance is promoted and the impact attendance has on your future life. 



***A word from our Attendance Champions***


 Year 6 is making lots of effort to climb up the leader board. On the 13 th of January everyone was here!  Well done Year 6, keep it up.

Summer Y6 

 If you are strugglng to get to school on time get an alarm clock. School starts at 8:50am

Robert Y6

Help people get to school on time  by giving them the confidence and saying "come on you can do it". 

Abigail Y4