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At Art Club September 2019 the focus was 'Getting2KnowU'. Children were drawing themselves, adding detail with hair, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, arms legs, hands, clothes, glasses etc. Exploring SHAPES - square, triangle, circle, stars, pentagon.

Mr Postle, Mr Kelly, Mr Warraich, Mrs Lythe, Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Beall and Mrs Dewey have some new after school clubs starting in September 2019.  Have you signed up for a club? The clubs are free to our children and offer a great opportunity to learn new skills and techniques and they are lots of fun! 

Bootcamp helps children engage in activities that they may not ordinarily do, it is exciting for children and strives to promote soft skills rather than just the technical skills.

 Excellent turnout at Art Club this week. Today was learning about the structure of our faces - rules of thirds. Then creating self portraits in the styles of the old masters with frames & signatures, using coloured pencils & water colours.


Art class was a storming success, the children were very creative and really enjoyed learning new art styles and forms

April 2019 and Grimes Dyke started their first Boot camp! We intend to improve skills, coordination, balance, form and fitness.