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Mrs Florence Vastel & Mrs Julie Wilkinson Class Teachers

Mrs Bev Kelsey, Mrs Amanda Wilcox & Mrs Becky Adam

Welcome to Reception

Ways to help your child

  • Please help your child practice their phonics and listen to them read EVERY night!!! You will soon see the difference in their confidence and reading ability.
  • Encourage and help your child to write their name and write labels, using the correct letter formation. 
  • Practice counting at every opportunity, such as walking up/down stairs, shopping, counting objects. Look for numbers in the environment, such as on house doors, buses, car number plates etc.
  • Play simple games like 'Simon Says' and 'I spy', to help your child develop their listening skills and hear initial sounds in words.
  • Encourage a healthy life style by eating healthy foods and participating in lots of physical activity. 
  • Encourage your child to discuss their environments and notice changes in it, e.g. leaves falling from trees, how insects/bugs move. How the weather changes in different seasons. 
  • Help your child to develop their imagination by sharing stories about adventures and encouraging them to take part in role play to act out adventures of their own. 
  • Discuss ways in which we can help each other and be good friends.  

Below are links to video clips which will help you support your child to hold their pencil correctly and articulate phonics (letter sounds) properly.

Pencil grip 

 Articulation of phonics

When Reception class share their baking in the office!

World Book Day 2019

Creative and innovative design in Reception class.

Sign2sing 2019, "The Greatest Day of our Life" by Take That. We even performed on Leeds Live

We have talented Bakers in Reception class who always share!

PE, we love using the equipment.