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June 2019 and we are really enjoying Take One Picture week in school.

We're looking at the painting 'Men of the Docks' by George Bellows 1912 to inspire all our learning this week. 

Take One Picture - 2015



Mr and Mrs Andrews, about 1750
by Thomas Gainsborough
The National Gallery, London 

The Picture

The couple are Robert Andrews and his wife Frances, who had married in 1748. Soon after his marriage Robert Andrews inherited the house and estate of Auberies, the setting for the painting. It has been suggested that this is not just a double portrait but a triple portrait of Andrews, his wife and his estate. The painting looks out across the landscape, south over the valley of the River Stour, the county boundary with Essex. The Andrews are looking towards the location of their substantial brick-built house, which cannot be seen. As he owned 3,000 acres, much of the landscape behind them belonged to Robert Andrews.


During our Take One Picture week, the children had lots of fun exploring the picture and the people in it. We hired costumes, like the ones worn by Mr and Mrs Andrews, from the WYP Wardrobe so that we could get a feel for the materials used and the very solid scaffolding undergarments worn to hold the dress up! We took part in debates for and against hunting, made pictures out of found objects, designed grand houses, made our own C18 costumes, took posed photographs and used a variety of multi-media to explore the piece of art.


The work produced was amazing and we have sent pictures to The National Gallery, London, to show off our hard work. We hope you enjoy looking at some photos of our work: