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The sky is the limit for Y2...

Reading in Y2

Your child will be given a book  to bring home to read every week and it can be changed regularly. The children should read and chat about stories for at least 10 minutes every night in order to consolidate sounds learnt in Y1 and newly learnt sounds and skills from Y2. It also helps if children are encouraged to read things around the house so that they are constantly practicing their reading skill. The children are welcome to bring books from home to read during quiet reading sessions.  

We’re very lucky to have Mrs Dunwell with us on a Tuesday morning to read with the children and Mrs Mace and Miss Bennett listen to the children read during Guided Reading sessions. The children will have a half termly spelling test and spellings will be sent home in the first week of term.

Maths in Y2

Amongst lots of other things your child will be learning to tell the time this year. It would be wonderful if at home you could refer to the time often and support your child by encouraging them to wear an analogue watch. We will also be learning number and times table facts in class through our morning "Must do's!" and it would be helpful if this is supported at home.

Key maths facts to focus on are:

  • 2, 3 and 5 times table.
  • Number bonds to 10.
  • Number bonds to 20.
  • Number bonds to 100.


The children will be starting to learn cursive letter formation and asked to join their handwriting. We will do this daily in class so they can have lots of practice before writing in their work books. It would be useful if children are encouraged to write this way at home.

General Reminders

The children will be doing PE on  Mondays and Tuesdays. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that all items are clearly labelled.

The children have been provided with their own personal water bottle so there is no need to provide one.  

Feel free to pop into class on mornings or home time, our door is always open to parents and carers.

Each week we have:

  • Monday - PE  
  • Tuesday - PE
  • Friday -  New reading books

At the end of each half term we have a spelling test.