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  1. COVID-19

Covid-19 information

Important message for all parents and carers:

Due to the high rates of infection in Leeds all parents and carers are now required to wear face coverings when on the school grounds. This is to protect children, parents and staff in school and to keep the school open! If you do not wear a face covering your children can be handed to an adult at the gate who will then escort them to their classroom. 



Please remember this is an incredibly difficult time for staff in school, the team are doing their best to protect everyone around them whilst still providing a fun and engaging learning environment for children. Please avoid posting any negative comments on social media, this is very upsetting for staff. 

Covid 19 Risk Assessment


What will the school day / lessons look like?

  • Staff will choose which lessons/activities will be delivered and plan outdoor lessons, where possible. The normal curriculum will be suspended.
  • Toys and equipment should not be used by other groups and should be cleaned between groups.
  • Unnecessary items in classrooms should be removed and stored elsewhere in the school.
  • Remove all soft furnishings, toys and soft toys that cannot easily be cleaned every day.
  • Limit children/staff taking things home and then back to school. (Reading books etc) 
  • Don’t share stationery or resources. Shared areas and surfaces need cleaning daily, and disinfected/bleached frequently 

How will children be dropped off and collected?

  • Stagger drop-off and collection times – children to arrive/ be collected at different times.
  • Drop-off and collection times – protocols for adult to adult contact needs to be minimal. A plan needs to be in place for meeting/collection points and timings for each group.
  • Parents / Carers will not come into school. 
  • Reduce any unnecessary usage of buses/coaches/taxis for children arriving to school.
  • Encourage children to cycle or walk to school.

Health and Safety Precautions

  • Updated risk assessments need to be done by the school prior to opening.
  • Hand sanitiser in all classrooms.
  • Bins emptied throughout the day. 

Potential Risk of Infection

  • If anyone has a cough/temperature/feels unwell at school, they must be sent home. They will need to self-isolate for 14 days, or until tested negative.
  • If a child or adult shows symptoms and tests positive for CoVid-19, then the whole group that the children was in must be sent home and they must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If other cases are then also confirmed at the school, then PHE will advise the HT/school on next steps/possible closure.


Catch Up Premium Funding

The government has allocated all schools a grant to enable them to support children to catch up on learning missed due to Covid 19 restrictions. This Catch-Up Premium Funding equates to £80 per pupil and school leaders can decide how best to use it.

Click here to read our plan for our allocation of the Catch Up Premium Funding.