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  1. COVID-19

Covid-19 information

If you think you might be eligible for a key worker place at school for your child(ren) you must complete the application form to be considered for a place. Please click the link below to complete. 

Key Worker Application Form 


Covid 19 Risk Assessment

The latest government information states that: 

  • Schools could return from June 1st at the earliest
  • The reopening would be conditional on the R number (rate of infection) 
  • Pupils in Nursery, Rec, Y1 and Y6 might be able to come to school in stages

The guidance as it stands means that any return to school in the short term, and perhaps even into September will look very different for children and adults.

Have a look at these key points taken directly from the government guidance and you will see this is not Grimes Dyke as we know it. If children do return to school before September you can expect they will be in very small groups and not necessarily with their teacher or their friends. 

Who should not attend school?

  • Shielding children should NOT attend school.
  • Shielding adults (clinically extremely vulnerable – those with a GOV. letter)  should NOT attend school.
  • If a child or member of staff lives with someone who is shielding (clinically extremely vulnerable – those with a GOV. letter) then they should NOT be in school.

How will children be organised at school if they attend? 

  • Class sizes will mean no more than 15 children maximum in any room at any time. They should be with 1 teacher (and 1 TA, if needed). If there is a shortage of teachers, a teaching assistant can lead a group.
  • If there are not enough classrooms/staffing available, then children might be offered other local schools.
  • It is possible that children may only attend for part of the week and not all 5 days to allow for cleaning and smaller group sizes.
  • Groups of children must NOT mix together or come into contact, and children within a group should remain 2 metres apart, if they can. This is harder to enforce for EYFS.
  • Same staff to work with their groups as much as possible. They are, in effect, being reassigned new teachers for the remainder of the year, if necessary.
  • Where possible, let the groups remain in the same classroom for the duration of the term that they are in school
  • Desks and seats need to be separated (2m distance) between them, if possible. 
  • Reduction in movement around the school - groups are to stick to 1 room during the day.
  • Staggered break & lunchtimes so the groups are not mixing together/moving around the school at the same time.
  • Exercise and breaks – go outside. Each group not to mix and to stagger the times.
  • Outdoor equipment/apparatus/play equipment/climbing frames should not be used unless school can guarantee it will be cleaned between each group and each evening too.
  • Dining hall can be used as long as groups are kept apart and do not mix. Otherwise, food to be brought to the children in their classrooms.
  • Doors propped-open, and rooms need to be well ventilated. Windows open.
  • Divider down the middle of the corridor to ensure people only walk on one side of it – a barrier for groups as they walk down the corridor, if possible.
  • Limited toilet breaks so that children don’t gather at the toilets. 

What will the school day / lessons look like?

  • Staff will choose which lessons/activities will be delivered and plan outdoor lessons, where possible. The normal curriculum will be suspended.
  • Toys and equipment should not be used by other groups and should be cleaned between groups.
  • Unnecessary items in classrooms should be removed and stored elsewhere in the school.
  • Remove all soft furnishings, toys and soft toys that cannot easily be cleaned every day.
  • Limit children/staff taking things home and then back to school. (Reading books etc) 
  • Don’t share stationery or resources. Shared areas and surfaces need cleaning daily, and disinfected/bleached frequently 

How will children be dropped off and collected?

  • Stagger drop-off and collection times – children to arrive/ be collected at different times.
  • Drop-off and collection times – protocols for adult to adult contact needs to be minimal. A plan needs to be in place for meeting/collection points and timings for each group.
  • Parents / Carers will not come into school. 
  • Reduce any unnecessary usage of buses/coaches/taxis for children arriving to school.
  • Encourage children to cycle or walk to school.

Health and Safety Precautions

  • Updated risk assessments need to be done by the school prior to opening.
  • Hand sanitiser in all classrooms.
  • Bins emptied throughout the day. 

Potential Risk of Infection

  • If anyone has a cough/temperature/feels unwell at school, they must be sent home. They will need to self-isolate for 14 days, or until tested negative.
  • If a child or adult shows symptoms and tests positive for CoVid-19, then the whole group that the children was in must be sent home and they must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If other cases are then also confirmed at the school, then PHE will advise the HT/school on next steps/possible closure.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me or contact me via my work phone on 07585266901. We have been told that parents will not face fines during the summer term if they choose not to send their children to school so I would urge you to make an informed decision based on the needs of your family and if possible share your decision with the school staff so we can make decisions about our plans for reopening. 

I'm sorry that this is not happier news, we are all missing the children and families so much and are just as desperate as you to return to normal life at Grimes Dyke - safety however must come first! 

Miss Hill