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Grimes Dyke Primary School

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  1. COVID-19

Covid-19 information

Covid 19 Risk Assessment


What will the school day / lessons look like?

  • Staff will choose which lessons/activities will be delivered and plan outdoor lessons, where possible. The normal curriculum will be suspended.
  • Toys and equipment should not be used by other groups and should be cleaned between groups.
  • Unnecessary items in classrooms should be removed and stored elsewhere in the school.
  • Remove all soft furnishings, toys and soft toys that cannot easily be cleaned every day.
  • Limit children/staff taking things home and then back to school. (Reading books etc) 
  • Don’t share stationery or resources. Shared areas and surfaces need cleaning daily, and disinfected/bleached frequently 

How will children be dropped off and collected?

  • Stagger drop-off and collection times – children to arrive/ be collected at different times.
  • Drop-off and collection times – protocols for adult to adult contact needs to be minimal. A plan needs to be in place for meeting/collection points and timings for each group.
  • Parents / Carers will not come into school. 
  • Reduce any unnecessary usage of buses/coaches/taxis for children arriving to school.
  • Encourage children to cycle or walk to school.

Health and Safety Precautions

  • Updated risk assessments need to be done by the school prior to opening.
  • Hand sanitiser in all classrooms.
  • Bins emptied throughout the day. 

Potential Risk of Infection

  • If anyone has a cough/temperature/feels unwell at school, they must be sent home. They will need to self-isolate for 14 days, or until tested negative.
  • If a child or adult shows symptoms and tests positive for CoVid-19, then the whole group that the children was in must be sent home and they must self-isolate for 14 days.
  • If other cases are then also confirmed at the school, then PHE will advise the HT/school on next steps/possible closure.