Grimes Dyke Primary School

  1. Inclusion and Safeguarding

Welcome to the Inclusion Team's page


.”....It is clear that the safety and welfare of the children at Grimes Dyke Primary is of high importance and the whole staff work hard to meet the needs of the children and families” Deborah Jobson - Child Protection Training and Support Officer for Leeds City Council

The Inclusion Team's job is to support children to:


 Be Happy, Healthy, Safe and Ready to Learn 


The inclusion team coordinates and provides all different types of support for your child to enable them to aspire, enjoy and achieve at Grimes Dyke Primary School.

Whether it is putting in place support to help with fine motor skills or delivering a programme to develop self-esteem, or arranging extra reading support while mum is poorly to counselling a pupil over a bereavement, we work to encourage children’s development and well being and seek to ensure every child feels happy, healthy and safe and  is supported in their learning.

The inclusion team also supports parents and works with outside agencies to ensure all children’s additional or different needs are met and that they are receiving the full support they need.

Please feel free to talk to us at school or contact the inclusion office if you have any questions.


 Celebrating differences 


We know that indifference, intolerance and hostility towards people who seem different can lead to extreme social isolation, mental illness and profoundly unhappy lives. This includes people with disabilities, different needs, different skin colour. 

Thankfully, we also know that helping young people – as well as their families– to understand differences as they grow up will equip a new generation with the knowledge to accept and empathise with all people. 

During Autism Awareness Week we focused on people with autism and the theme 'It's okay to be different!'

At least 1 in 100 people in the UK have autism... so chances are there are autistic people at our school and in our community who you see every day.

We learn about all our differences, even celebrating them: It's what makes us unique!! We teach the children about autism in imaginative lessons, doing fun activities and some assemblies.

During anti-bullying week we learn about families coming in all different shapes and sizes, from the conventional family with a mum and a dad to single parents, adoptive / foster parents, same –sex parents and children being raised by grandparents. We learn about different relationships and  stereotypes. We also learn how to challenge unkind words and actions. At this time of year we look at our anti-bullying policy too and add to it or change it.