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.”....It is clear that the safety and welfare of the children at Grimes Dyke Primary is of high importance and the whole staff work hard to meet the needs of the children and families” Deborah Jobson - Child Protection Training and Support Officer for Leeds City Council
In December 2018, school had an audit of their safeguarding  from the local Authority.  We’re very proud to say the feedback was really positive and some of our practice and evidence was described as ‘exemplary’!
“There is a clear induction process for all staff where they are issued with all statutory policies and meet with the designated staff for child protection and safeguarding. These are then reissued on an annual basis to remind staff of their responsibilities. Staff are then asked a Safeguarding Question during weekly briefing"


One Minute Guides and helpful links


 Quick guide to Safeguarding  -  how we keep your child safe in school


 Quick guide to Bullying  -  how we deal with bullying in school


 Quick guide to Looked After Children  -  how we support looked after children


 Quick guide to Visitors  -  how we make sure visiting adults are safe in school


 On line safety including parent's and children's guides to social media


School notification  - how agencies work together around domestic violence and abuse  


Games Consoles Parental Protection - Do you know how to change the settings to keep your child safe?

Parental Guide - Nintendo Switch.pdf 

Parental Guide - WiiU.pdf 

parental guide - xbox360 (1).pdf 

parental guide - xboxone (1).pdf 


Playstation - parental guide.pdf



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