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  • Year 2's secret mission is over!
    Year 2's secret mission is now complete. Theresa May gave instructions to host a PJ party along with a film, popcorn, sweets and pop! Well done Year 2 you have worked very hard.
  • Art Club
    Another fabulous Art Club learning about the structure of our faces - rules of thirds. Then creating self portraits in the styles of the old masters with frames & signatures, using coloured pencils & water colours.
  • Breakfast club
    It is end of SAT's week and breakfast club were treated to bacon sandwiches. Thank you to everyone who joined us this week and to the Breakfast club team who made it special. See you all next week at our delicious and fun breakfast club. 
  • End of SAT's for year 6
    A parent in year 6 has made a delicious chocolate cake to celebrate the hard work the class and staff have put into making SAT's week a success. A huge thank you for such a wonderful surprise!
  • Ice cream factory
    The ice cream factory was a huge success today. Miss Hill was very sticky after serving more than 170 ice creams!
  • Have you booked for the ice cream factory on Thursday?
    Have you booked for the ice cream factory on Thursday? Two of our pupils went shopping with Miss Hill and we have lots of sweets and chocolate for our ice cream factory on Thursday.
  • Win £5000 for Grimes Dyke School's library
    Please help us win £5,000 for Grimes Dyke school's library! If you nominate Grimes Dyke to win you could take home £100 of National Book Tokens just for you!
  • Art Club
    Another fabulous Art Club learning about trees and creating them in Black and White, using soft pencils, graphite, charcoal and chalk...with a bit of pastel for good measure.
  • A spiky visitor came to school today!
    A surprise visitor tried to join Team GD today.
  • Brilliant work
    When you get a prize from Miss Hill and share some amazing facts about Henry VIII. Well done!
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