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Back to School Plans

We are finally at the stage where we can make firm plans for the return to school in September, it's been a long time coming but we can confirm that all children will be back in school from week beginning the 7th September. Please read this web page in full as it contains a lot of important information and the opportunity to ask further questions. 

Children in Y1 - Y6 Tuesday 8th September
Children in Nursery  Thursday 10th September
Children starting Reception  W/B 14th September

Safety Measures in Place

Team GD are working with the government and local authority to make school as safe as possible for pupils to return. There is a comprehensive risk assessment in place to ensure all members of the team follow the guidance to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Please see some of the measures we will be following below:

  • Children will be in class bubbles and will have minimal contact with children in other bubbles.
  • The start and end of the school day will be staggered to prevent crowds of children and parents congregating outside school. 
  • Play times and lunch times will also be staggered and lunch will be eaten either in the KS1 hall or in the classroom. ( We can still provide hot meals) 
  • Parents and Carers will not be allowed into the school building and will have to drop off and pick up children from outside......sorry, we don't like it either!
  • Children's desks are currently forward facing to prevent face to face contact, children in Y5 and Y6 have fancy new flip top desks for their own belongings!
  • Classroom resources will either be assigned to individuals or will be cleaned between use of quarantined for 72 hours. This will apply to reading books too. 
  • There is an enhanced cleaning programme in place with very regular cleaning of toilets and touch points throughout school. 
  • There will be no assemblies :-(
  • P.E. will mostly be outside so we would like all children to have an outdoor P.E. kit of jogging bottoms and a warm sweatshirt to be worn over their P.E. t-shirt as well as outdoor trainers. When children find out which day their P.E. day is they are welcome to come to school in their P.E. kit to avoid changing in school. We are doing our best in school to help parents get uniform at a much reduced price to help families out - watch this space! 

Staggered Timings

A lot of thought has gone into the staggered timetable to make it as user friendly as possible for families, but we obviously can't make it ideal for everyone. As guidance changes, it may change again, but in the meantime we ask you to keep to the timings below and avoid coming to school in big groups just so children or adults can walk with their friends. The gates will be locked before the first class enter the school building so please do not send children up to school early to play on the playground. This is no longer possible, children should not come to school until their allocated start time and then line up when they arrive. (Please see separate information about breakfast club)

Class Start Time  Finish Time Gate Entry Point Line Up Point
Nursery (am) 9.15 12.15 KS1 Nursery Playground
Nursery (pm) 12.15 3.15 KS1 Nursery Playground
Reception 8.40 3.00 KS1 Reception Playground
Year 1 8.50 3.10 KS1 Year 1 Door
Year 2 8.55 3.15 KS1 KS1 Playground
Year 3 8.40 3.00 KS2 Playground Bottom Playground
Year 4A (Mr Gould) 8.55 3.15 KS2 Pedestrian Y5/6 Door
Year 4W (Miss Pickup) 8.40 3.00 KS2 Pedestrian Y5/6 Door
Year 5 8.50 3.10 KS2 Playground Top Playground
Year 6M (Mr Akhtar)  8.50 3.10 KS2 Pedestrian Y5/6 Door
Year 6SB (Miss Coyne) 8.55 3.15 KS2 Playground Top Playground

Breakfast Club

We are committed to having a Breakfast Club, and for this to start at 8am in future instead of 8.15am however we are not in a position to start breakfast club from day one as our priority will be settling classes back into school and organising the staggered starts. Breakfast club will start on Monday 14th September will full details about the new arrangements to come out in a letter. We apologise if this causes inconvenience to working parents. 

We know you may have other questions not covered by this page so please follow the link to an easy form there you can ask questions. Miss Hill will get back to you asap with answers or further information. Click here to ask a question or share a concern. 

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: I have a child in nursery who starts much later than her siblings are there any arrangements for this?

A: We are working on a solution for nursery siblings to start a little earlier than their peers as it only applies to a handful of children. 

Q: I understand that I can't come into school but can I drop my child off at the door?

A: Of course! We don't like the fact we can't allow parents into the building but will do our best to make our new outdoor handovers as fun as possible for all. 

Q: Does my child have to wear a uniform and do they wear masks? 

A: Children do need to wear uniform which should be washed more frequently than normal if possible, they do not need to wear masks. 

Q: Is swimming starting for Y4? 

A: Swimming is not starting yet as school sessions are not starting and we would have to travel by bus, we will update parents as soon as possible when we know more about swimming lessons.