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Leeds Schools' Term Dates


Training Dates:

5th September 2022

14th October 2022

3rd January 2023

24th July 2023

25th July 2023

Training days at Grimes Dyke for 2021-22

6th September 2021

22nd October 2021

4th January 2022

25th July 2022

26th July 2022




2021 – 2022 term dates

Autumn term

Term or holiday Starts Ends
Autumn term (first half) Monday 6 September Friday 22 October
Half term Monday 25 October Friday 29 October
Autumn term (second half) Monday 1 November Friday 17 December
Christmas holiday Monday 20 December Monday 3 January

Spring term

Term or holiday Starts Ends
Spring term (first half) Tuesday 4 January Friday 18 February
Half term Monday 21 February Friday 25 February
Spring term (second half) Monday 28 February Friday 1 April
Easter holiday Monday 4 April Monday 18 April

Summer term

Term or holiday Starts Ends
Summer term (first half) Tuesday 19 April Friday 27 May
May bank holiday Monday 2 May Monday 2 May
Half term Monday 30 May Friday 3 June
Summer term (second half) Monday 6 June Tuesday 26 July
Summer holidays Wednesday 27 July Friday 2 September
If you take your child out of school during term time you could face a fine.