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Meet the Teacher

The booking for the Meet the Teacher event is now closed. We have received an overwhelming response from 126 families booking a place for their children to attend. Please make sure you attend the event in the correct half hour time slot as we cannot accept families turning up late due to social distancing. Your child will not be given an individual time slot they just need to attend for the half hour allocated. 

The school has made special arrangements to enable all children to meet their new teacher before the summer. Strict health and safety regulations must be followed to ensure the safety of all members of Team GD. Please see the terms and conditions below as entering the site shows you agree with these terms.

  •  Only children who have a booked place can attend the event.
  • All people (children and adults) must sanitise their hands on entry to the playground
  • Your child will be directed to a space to stand / sit to talk to their teacher and their friends.
  • All parents / carers must stand in a separate designated waiting area whilst children are talking to staff.
  • Parents are responsible for any siblings brought to school who must always stay with parents / carers. Where possible, please leave siblings at home.
  • All adults and children waiting must maintain social distancing, failure to do this will result in families being asked to leave.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)...

  1. I am shielding so am nervous about attending in a group. Can I come just before or just after the event? We're sorry but all sessions allow for a 15 minute break to get one group out and the next group into school. If you can't come in a group you can try and walk past school at another time and we will try and make staff available. Please note we can't guarantee this however.
  2. I am working on the day so could staff make themselves available at other times? Please see the answer above but please be aware this cannot be arranged for Mrs Walker or Miss Coyne who are not currently in school. Could someone else bring them to the event on the correct day?
  3. Are the children allowed in the school grounds for the event? Yes we will have marked out areas on the playground to allow for social distancing. Adults will also have to wait in a socially distant way. In the event of bad weather please come equipped for this as we will not be moving inside! 
  4. Can I bring both children to meet the teachers or do I have to come back later with my other child? Time slots are strictly per class so you will need to attend each separate event with your children, if you have to bring a sibling to an event they must be kept with you at all times. You are responsible for their social distancing. 
  5. Do we get a time slot as my children have events at the same time but on separate playgrounds? The event for each child is for 30 minutes but there is no obligation to stay the full time. You are welcome to leave your older child with their teacher and take your younger child to meet their teacher on the KS1 playground. All we ask is you keep to the strict timings by arriving and leaving on time. 
  6. Do we need to wear PPE? The wearing of PPE is entirely your choice, however none of the staff will be wearing PPE in school. If adults choose to wear PPE it must not be disposed of in the school grounds.