Stanks Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS14 5BY

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We follow a Learning Challenge Curriculum which aims to:

  • Improve children's engagement
  • Improve standards - especially in writing
  • Encourage enthusiasm in staff: enthusiastic staff = enthusiastic pupils
  • Increase parental involement in school life
  • Provide children with life skills
  • Enable teachers to plan progressive skills and ensure no gaps in learning
  • Use the wider envirnment to develop skills and encourage enthusiasm.


Ofsted say :

" The school has introduced a curriculum that seeks to motivate pupils by giving them good quality first-hand experiences, and by making use of topic-based work that helps to sustain pupils' interest and enables them to apply their skills across subjects. Pupils are motivated, for example, by the sudden unannounced appearance of a tent on the school field, as part of their work on Antarctica, or a stranger in role as another historical character. Such experiences stimulate pupils and give them, for example, a strong purpose for their writing or research. An imaginative approach to homework has been effective in engaging parents and carers to support their children and encouraging independent work. At the same time, the school has continued to allocate substantial time to developing basic skills in English and mathematics, and in these subjects making better use of the more creative approaches seen elsewhere."