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Which class will win the 1st place award? Who are the biggest improvers? Come along to Friday celebration assembly and all will be revealed.  



100% Club

Every Friday the names of 2 children from each class who have had 100% attendance that week are picked out of a hat to win a place in 100% club.

The club enjoy playing games, dancing and crafting and receive a certificate and small treat to take home.

Every day counts...this week it could be you!

Two of our Attendance Champions at work
Two of our Attendance Champions at work

We told the story of the land of Walkshire with the help of our special visitor!

We celebrate good attendance with rewards such as 'messy' play and bike and scooter riding!

We are working hard to improve our attendance and puncuality. Here are some of the crafty things we have made in our group.

Miss Hill enjoyed her visit to the Grimes Dyke dollar shop.
Miss Hill enjoyed her visit to the Grimes Dyke dollar shop.


At Grimes Dyke we are working very hard to improve our standards of attendance across the whole school. Our attendance target is 96% and we are continuing to introduce exciting approaches to encourage excellent attendance.There will be a number of additional incentives for children to attend running throughout the year. Excellent attendance in school is vital in ensuring children are able to achieve their full potential.

Below is a chart which details the impact absence has across different timeframes. At Grimes Dyke we are aiming for all children to achieve 96% and above.


Attendance %

Absence per week/fortnightly

Absence per year

Absence over 5 years


½ day fortnightly

2 weeks

¼ year


½ day weekly

4 weeks

½ year


1 ½ days fortnightly

6 weeks

¾ year


1 day weekly

8 weeks

1 year


2 ½ days fortnightly 

10 weeks

1 ¼ years


1 ½ days weekly

12 weeks

1 ½ years


3 ½ days fortnightly

14 weeks

1 ¾ years


2 days weekly

16 weeks

2 years


4 ½ days fortnightly

18 weeks

2 ¼ years


2 ½ days weekly

20 weeks

2 ½ years


**Reporting pupil absence**

If your child is unwell and will not be attending school, please ring 2941066 and select option 1 for reporting absence.  This will ensure all messages are recorded with our attendance mentor.



  Our Attendance Champions made a word cloud to show what they feel about attendance and punctuality.