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At Grimes Dyke, we believe that Science promotes pupils to question the world they live in. A love of Science opens pupil’s minds to a world beyond what they know. Our Science curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to obtain skills to progress both academically and in their future careers.

We have high expectations that all children can and will achieve in Science. Pupils are taught Science content through working scientifically and enquiry based learning. Children will be exposed to these types of enquiry during their time at Grimes Dyke:

  • Comparative & Fair Testing
  • Pattern Seeking
  • Research Using Secondary Resources
  • Observing Changes Over Time
  • Identifying, Classifying and Grouping.

This approach ensures that children understand and challenge the world that they live in. We follow the National Curriculum for Science and make cross curricular links where possible to embed scientific thinking and enquiry.

Scientific vocabulary is promoted in classrooms and during Science lessons. Children are expected to use the vocabulary accurately and regularly to deepen their thinking and understanding.

Science units are usually taught half termly but where necessary, teachers are encouraged to teach content until it is embedded before moving on, so that all children have a broad and deep understanding of all scientific content.

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