School dinners are provided by Catering Leeds who believe in the importance and strength of working together with their suppliers and customers to ensure the children of Leeds look forward to and receive a nutritious and delicious meal at school every day. Children can order their lunch in class every morning or you can order and pay from home using Live Kitchen.  If you would like to access this please let the office know and they can set you up! From February 25th 2019 our menu is:

Parent Voices


"School dinners look and smell delicious! Can't wait for the next parent lunch"

"Staff are very friendly and care about the children"

" The headteacher is fair and easy to talk to"


"Grimes Dyke is a family we are all a part of"

"It's amazing how the staff know every child by name!"


Let us know what you and your child have enjoyed this week.  We always welcome your feedback - Team GD!