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Starting School at Grimes Dyke

We are delighted that your child has been allocated a place at Grimes Dyke Primary School, in our Reception class from September 2022. It is crucially important to everyone on the staff that all children who come to our school feel happy, healthy and safe.  They are joining Team GD, and so are you as parents / carers.

In Early Years from September we will be combining our nursery and reception children into one Foundation Stage unit as numbers are low enough to ensure that this can happen. We are looking forward to this new exciting way of working. The teacher responsible for the Foundation Unit is Mrs Vastel who has years of early years experience. Mrs Vastel is first and foremost a mum herself and therefore knows how hard it can be for parents and carers when their child starts school. 


A lot of information about the school can be found on the website and by reading our school prospectus which can be found by following this link - Guide to Team GD

Please complete our admission form

Whilst you are awaiting updates it would be really helpful if you could complete our admission form with important contact details and other information. The form can be completed by following this link. Admission Form for all new children.

The BBC have produced some useful resources for children starting school. Please click here to find them.