Welcome to Grimes Dyke Primary School

 s Dyke nurtures ayone has the self-belief to aspire, enjoy and achieve without limits.

Aspire, Enjoy, Achieve

Our school strapline is Aspire Enjoy Achieve!    

We spent a long time thinking about this and we chose the words following discussions with lots of our stakeholders.

We want our children to Aspire to be the best they can - to hope, to dream and to have ambition when they think about what they will do with their future lives and learning.

We know that everyone learns best when they Enjoy what they are doing and we want our children to get pleasure and satisfaction from their learning and success in school.

Naturally we want all of our children to Achieve the very best that they possibly can regardless of their ability or disability, gender, race or beliefs. We want them to feel successful and to have the ability to accomplish whatever they want.