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After School Clubs


Mr Postle, Mr Kelly, Mr Warraich, Mrs Lythe, Mrs O'Brien, Mrs Beall and Mrs Dewey have some amazing after school clubs running in school.  Have you signed up for a club? The clubs are free to our children and offer a great opportunity to learn new skills and techniques and they are lots of fun! 

Thursday's Artclub, being the very last of 2019, we celebrated Xmas

This week we celebrated Xmas with a special request to explore origami for our last artclub this term 
Always amazed at the children's ingenuity and creative ability. The xmastree was a real challenge! swans birds butterflies and frogs. 

This week children were busy carrying out their Christmas themed plans with their request to experiment with printing techniques. For this we used #polystyrene tiles to create seasonal designs to produce relief prints using a limited colour palette and ink rollers, similar to the ever popular lino printing process. 

Again, some beautiful results. Amazing to see what can be achieved in less than an hour with 7 to 10 year olds who have never done this before!



This week children were very busy turning their #Christmas themed #illustrations into #professional looking #greetingcards to give to #family and #friends. We also experimented with bright coloured #inks on #watercolour paper adding #saltcyrstals to give them a crunchy wintry texture. #handmadeby 

This week children followed colourful plans to create their #Christmas #craft options. Today was the start of #Christmascard designs using #charcoal #watercolours and splattered #ink with the theme of wintry scenes. 


This week children continued on our #Autumn #winter, #light and #Dark thene. Following last weeks #installationart, today we looked at #monoprinting and the work of #Lynda_Goldberg_artist exploring #printing techniques using last weeks leaves to create #relief #prints. Glorious use of colour and so much fun.

Last half term was all about #originsofart exploring #Egyptians #Romans #greeks finishing with extremely colourful #terracotta #clay #tiles. 

This half term will focus on #Autumn #winter, #light and #Dark with #observational #drawing #printmaking & festive crafts.
Today we looked at #installationart and the work of James Brunt @RFJamesUK using what nature had left on the ground, whilst sharing knowledge of leaf types, seeds, nuts, bark, the odd insect and #oldmansbeard!

Wk7 | THEME: Origins of Art | Painting Clay Tiles | Romans & Greeks 
Following on from the last few weeks producing a range of designs for #Greek #Roman pottery and mosaics.
This week we have painted our #terracotta #clay tiles. Some in a classic colour scheme, others bright & modern.
All beautiful.


Wk6 |THEME: Origins of Art | Clay Tiles | Romans & Greeks

Following on from last 2 weeks experiments with surface patterns on #Greek #Roman pottery and mosaics.
This week we have used #terracotta #clay to make themed tiles following our designs from the past 2 weeks. Next week we shall be painting theme in a classic colour scheme. 

Wk5 |THEME: Origins of Art | MOSAICS | Romans & Greeks  
This week we have explored #mosaic patterns. The children created designs for tiles using #graph paper limiting them to #squares using their designs from last week. We compared this technique to modern day aspects in the digital world such as #minecraft and #pixelart. These designs will become clay tiles using their designs over the next two weeks.


THEME: Origins of Art | Surface Patterns | Romans & Greeks - This week we have explored the surface patterns that appear on #Greek #Roman pottery. The children created designs for tiles using repeat motifs for borders and historical scenes for storytelling as the main design, using pencil, water colour & oil pastels. These designs will later become clay tiles using their designs over the next few weeks.

THEME: Origins of Art | Early Writing | Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Children explored early forms of written language with #Egyptian #hieroglyphics. They used the symbols to spell out their name and then explored simple story telling with familiar symbols, using pencil & pastel crayons in earthy colours applying limited colour like the Egyptians.

Today was learning about trees and creating them in Black in White, using soft pencils, graphite, charcoal and chalk...with a bit of pastel for good measure.

THEME: Origins of Art | Visual Language - Children discussed and explored the origins of art and early forms of visual communication. They used gritty pastels to create the texture of cave walls, then used charcoal & oil pastels to create signature hand prints filled with symbols to tell stories about the lives of prehistoric cave people. #parietalart #paleolithicart #neanderthalart

At Art Club September 2019 the focus was 'Getting2KnowU'. Children were drawing themselves, adding detail with hair, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, arms legs, hands, clothes, glasses etc. Exploring SHAPES - square, triangle, circle, stars, pentagon.

Bootcamp helps children engage in activities that they may not ordinarily do, it is exciting for children and strives to promote soft skills rather than just the technical skills.