Meet The Inclusion Team



Designated Safeguarding Lead - Miss Louise Hill 

Headteacher, Lead Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer

Working Days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


  • Takes lead responsibility for safeguarding and child protection (including online safety)
  • Supports staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties
  • Liaises closely with children’s social care and other services 

Attendance Mentor - Amy Taylor

Amy leads attendance for the whole school and is responsible for ensuring that high standards of attendance are achieved.

 Working Days -  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Individual support and group work for children
  • Manages individual and whole school data for attendance
  • Home school liaison, including home visits
  • Designated child protection person in school
  • Early Help Assessment trained
  • Offers parent support

Speech and Language Therapist - Sharon Hird

Sharon’s primary role is to support the children in Grimes Dyke’s language resource facility.  She also supports other children with speech and language needs throughout the school.

 Working days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

  • Individual and group work with children with speech and language needs
  • Advice and support for parents
  • Speech and Language Assessments


Pupil Support Mentor - Vicki Metcalf

 Working days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Vicki's role is to work with and support children to ensure their potential is reached to give support around managing emotions to pupils and plan and deliver groups. 

Full time post to include: 

  • Individual support for children and their families
  • Group work (self esteem, friendship groups, anti-bullying, anger management and social skill groups)
  • Advise and support parents regarding behaviour and parenting
  • Early Help Assessment trained
  • Liaise with outside agencies to arrange the most appropriate support and care for pupils when required.
  • Devise Individual Behaviour Plans for children
  • To facilitate lunchtime staff training and ‘happy, healthy & active’ lunchtimes
  • Transition to high school 


SENDco - Suzanne Marshall 

 Working days - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 


Grimes Dyke is a highly inclusive primary school, which strives to meet the individual needs of all its learners. We work in partnership with children, parents and other agencies to provide the best possible outcomes for all our children, including those with a range of additional and complex needs. The school’s SEN policy and procedures ensure that high expectations, early intervention and appropriate support for all our children are in place to ensure our children reach their full potential.



Inclusion Mentor - Chloe Keeligan

 Working days - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday


Chloe is responsible for co-ordinating and addressing barriers to learning for a targeted group of individual pupils in order to enable them to achieve their full potential.