At Grimes Dyke we believe reading is key for academic success and therefore it is at the heart of our curriculum. We value reading as a key life skill and are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become capable lifelong readers who not only read fluently with good comprehension but also have a desire to read a wide variety of texts for enjoyment and to further their own knowledge. 

Early Reading

Grimes Dyke follows Essential Letters and Sounds, a systematic approach to teaching of phonics, to ensure our youngest children make the best possible start to their reading journey. Please see the phonics page to learn more about this. 

Reading Comprehension

Supporting children to understand texts and develop a love of reading are the central aims of reading lessons at Grimes Dyke.

We use The Big 10 skills to explore texts. The skills help us understand and practice what good readers do. 

A love of Reading

These are some of the ways we encourage children to develop a love of reading:

  • A well-stocked library with books chosen by the children
  • Children choose their own reading books.
  • Regular reading assemblies where various adults share one of their favourite stories
  • Author visits
  • Whole school reading events and celebrations
  • Class based rewards
  • Class story time
  • Regular opportunities for parents to take part in reading activities in school


Throughout the year children are exposed to the broad variety of quality texts which link to each term’s key driver subject.


Below is a list of recommended reads for each year group.