How well do our SEND children do?

OFSTED Oct 2017

“Pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are currently keeping pace with other pupils. Sometimes they make better progress because the support they have from teachers and other adults is tightly focused on specific skills and knowledge. Pupils who have speech, language and communication difficulties are also supported well, and generally make good progress.”

What do our children say?


What do parents say?

“You have been a pillar of support ever since my child joined the school.”

“I have so much reassurance that my son is cared for within his classroom experience.

He has the best care with his learning. I know he can be unpredictable, with his Autism, but I don’t worry and I know he is getting looked after.

"It leaves me beaming with joy when I see him with his TA.”

“Just keep doing what you are doing.”

 “I think you have all done a fantastic job in supporting my child – and me! Thank you”

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