Language Resource Provision


Grimes Dyke is a mainstream school with a higher than average number of children with special needs. Our school is additionally resourced for children with severe speech and communication difficulties. Eight places are allocated to children whose needs cannot be met in their local school, and these children can apply for assistance to be considered with transport to get here. 

Our Language Resourced provision offers 8 children:

  • a mainstream setting with children being successfully included in whole class
  • a whole school approach to meeting the needs of children with communication difficulties
  • a highly specialised speech and language therapist in school for  4 days a week 
  • intensive individual therapy delivered by a qualified professional
  • a highly structured programme of work delivered by the key worker, and closely supervised by the speech and language therapist
  • expertise on hand for support staff, lunchtime staff together with teaching staff

Because of this provision, we have a staff group who are highly experienced in providing for children with SEN, who deliver a language enhanced curriculum to all children and who support development at all stages of need.  Some families have chosen our school just because of this expertise.